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Zebra Thailand Product Register


For peace of mind we offer a manufacturing defects replacement/repair on all our Zebra Thailand products (Spare part and accessories not included). If you ever have a need to claim against the manufacturing defects replacement/repair, please contact us and we'll guide you through the process. Below you'll find details of what's covered in your manufacturing defects replacement/repair at a glance as well to register your Zebra Thailand product. We recommend registering your Zebra Thailand product with us, so that we can help you more quickly and efficiently should you ever need to contact us.

  • We only respond to manufacturing defects only.
  • Finished products, not included spare part and accessories.
  • Water spots, rainbow hue, white chalky patches, burnt on matter & pitting on the surface (mini holes) not included.
  • Fee may be charged depend on the situation, however cost will be quote, we will ask for your respond to us with whether or not to proceed.
  • Defective product from delivery you must notify the company within 3 business days from the date of receiving the product. You can contact us at 019-6591228 or notify us via email address
  • We reserve all the rights and our decision is the final decision.

Please register your Zebra Thailand products here