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Zebra's Product Knowledge

#1 Are you bored with the problem of "frying" and sticking to the pan...

Zebra recommends simple techniques to fry delicious food without sticking to the wok.. Simple that can be done in every home. Only 3 steps.

  1. Choose a Zebra 3-ply wok. Can spread the heat thoroughly and reduce stick on wok.
  2. Put oil in the pan. and use middle fire. Since the stainless steel pan distributes heat well, it does not require a strong fire. Notice the surface of the oil. If the oil is not hot, the oil will run in a directionless wave. But once the oil heats up, the oil wave will stabilize. and run in the same direction
  3. When the oil is hot, then start cooking without worrying about sticking the wok.


#2 Many people will have problems with glue stains from stickers stuck on stainless steel cookware.

I've tried many ways. But still don't know how to remove glue stains so that it doesn't leave marks ⁉️


✅ Just 3 easy steps, it is safe & free from this contaminant

  1. Apply vegetable oil all over the sticker & leave it overnight.
  2. Gently peel off the sticker & the glue stains come off.
  3. Use dishwashing liquid wash thoroughtly.


Try applying it to your Zebra cookware and the sticker will completely peel off. No ❌ more sticky residue left behind.


#3 Rainbow Stain Cleaning Tip

Have you ever noticed that stainless steel cookware has some rainbow stains after used?

The rainbow stains on stainless steel are what we called "heat tint". When stainless steel is heated to high temperatures, the oxidized layer can thicken, causing a rainbow tint.

✅ This is normal and is not harmful to health.


Below video is some tips for guide you how to clean the rainbow stain.